Saturday, February 13, 2010

Teenage Boy Naturist Blogspot IsIs It Strange For A Teenage Boy To Be Attacted To Teenage Boys While Also Being Attracted To Girls?

IsIs it strange for a teenage boy to be attacted to teenage boys while also being attracted to girls? - teenage boy naturist blogspot

If a teenager is sure he is straight, but still sexually active young men, no, but the boys of his age has anything to fear, or just part of puberty? It means the beginning of May to pedophilia or is it just bicurious?


balanda1 said...

I think it is a part of puberty and thus part of BI curiosity. Do not worry. Accepting and growing, you know what you prefer.

yars63 said...

- It is a part of puberty.
- Most children will be longer.
- What is 100% normal for 1 of 2 hormones, the whole place during puberty.
- This is quite confused and curious 1st
- If U're done with puberty, U're 2, the system returns to normal.
- If U're bi-or gay will continue.
- So far, so I would not worry about it, and only the experience of sexuality U're.

Barcode said...

Many boys in puberty are curious about sex and compare it feels the need, and / or experience. There is nothing wrong. Only your male hormones raging from one end of the spectrum to another, trying to figure out where they settle. Do not worry about things you have no control.

Mr.noita... said...

Most people have had these feelings at puberty, however, admit to it, much of it has to do with hormones. However, concerns some of them realize the comparison with others, and that they
beautiful, many people confuse with the attraction.

Shelby said...

it depends on the species. If u go for the lump in his pants and grab the feeling that u want to tail and then click Yes. But if everyone has it and U have more feelings for the girl ur not. Depends on what I wanted for U, masturbation is a part, or friend?

Josh said...

it would be something that the youth, no matter what people say about andswers Yahoo can not read minds and tell the people what they need to decide to think,

rich said...

Not only their curiosity, but who knows, maybe u the best of both worlds, if u decide to act impulsively.

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